6″ SDWH Timber Hex Stainless Steel Screw SDWH19600SS-R10 (10)

SKU: SDWH19600SS-R10


0.188 X 6″ Strong-Drive SDWH Timber Hex Screw Stainless Steel, 10 pack.

Designed for lag-screw replacement, these Type 316 stainless-steel structural wood fasteners require no pre-drilling, making them easier and faster to install than typical lag screws. Ideal for use in marine or wet environments that require a severe-level of corrosion resistance.

Key Features

Type 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection
No predrilling necessary in most applications
Load values exceed those of larger diameter lag screws
Driver bit included
Can be used in ledger applications
Unique “box” thread design with raised-ridge technology significantly reduces driving torque and installation time
Hex-washer head provides large bearing area