Simpson Strong-Tie FGTRHR Girder Tiedown


Weight 9.6 lbs

The Face Mount Girder Tie-Down (FGTR) is a non-pitch specific girder tiedown that offers the highest uplift capacity for retrofit applications. The FGTRHL/R is designed for corner hip applications. Screw holes are configured to allow for double installation on a two-ply (minimum) truss. The product can be installed in a single application or in pairs to achieve a higher uplift capacity. Can be installed on roof pitches up to 8/12 or on a bottom chord designed to transfer the loads. FGTR – Only 2 of the 4 holes provided on each strap are required to be filled to achieve the catalog loads. The first Titen HD screw anchor 1/2″x5″ (THD) shall be installed a minimum of 4″ from the top of the wall. Fasteners shall not be installed in adjacent holes. Material: Straps: 7 gauge, Plate: 3 gauge Finish: Powder Coated