Simpson Strong-Tie LGT3-SDS2.5 Girder Tiedown with SDS Screws


Weight 4.25 lbs

The LGT, MGT, VGT and HGT are girder tiedowns for moderate to high load capacity applications. The LGT and VGT are also suitable for retrofit applications. LGT connectors provide a low profile connection to the studs for easy installation of drywall. Simple to install and can be installed on the inside or outside of the wall. LGT connectors also provide exceptional bearing enhancement for heavy download applications. The LGT series has been extended to include the new LGT4-SDS3 for 4-ply girders. LGT can be installed on roof pitches up to 8/12 or on a bottom chord designed to transfer the load. The Variable Girder Tiedown (VGT) is a higher capacity alternative to the LGT and MGT for girder trusses. It attaches with Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® screws (SDS) to the side of truss and features a predeflected crescent washer that allows it to accommodate top chord pitches up to 8/12. The VGT is also available with one flange concealed for attachment to trusses with no tail. The HGT offers the highest uplift capacity for girders and can be installed on trusses and beams with top chord slopes up to 8/12. Material: HGT, VGT—7 gauge, LGT2—14 gauge, MGT, LGT3, LGT4—12 gauge. Finish: HGT—Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint; LGT, MGT, VGT—Galvanized. Installation: When the HGT-3 is used with a 2-ply girder or beam, shimming is required. Fasten to act as one unit. Before installing fasteners, ensure LGT3-SDS2.5 makes complete contact with bottom of truss. SDS screws provided with LGT3, LGT4 and VGT series. VGT – Can be installed on roof pitches up to 8/12 or on a bottom chord designed to transfer the load. VGT – Screw holes are configured to allow for double installation on a two-ply (minimum) truss. VGT – The product can be installed in a single application or in pairs to achieve a higher uplift capacity. VGT – When installed on trusses with no overhangs, specify VGTR/L. LGT3-SDS2.5 – The four large hexagonal holes are intended for CMU and concrete applications. See masonry applications.