Simpson Strong-Tie SPH4 Stud Plate Tie


Weight 0.45 lbs

The Stud Plate Tie series offers various solutions for connecting the stud to the top and bottom plates. All models can be used to make a connection to either the top or bottom plate, and several are suitable for double top plates and studs. Material: DSP/SSP/SPH—18 gauge, TSP—16 gauge; all others—20 gauge. Installation: Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes. TSP/DSP/SSP – sill plate installation – fill all round holes. TSP/DSP/SSP – top plate installation – fill all round and triangle holes. SP1/SP2/SP3/SP5 – one of the 10d common stud nails is driven at a 45° angle. through the stud into the plate.